esempi aggettivi possessivi inglese

Frasi con aggettivi possessivi in inglese

Frasi con aggettivi possessivi in inglese

  1. My sister is coming to visit next week.
  2. Your glasses are on the desk.
  3. His handwriting is really neat.
  4. Her new dress is very stylish.
  5. Its color is a deep shade of blue.
  6. Our meeting starts at 10 AM.
  7. Your appointment is scheduled for tomorrow.
  8. Their vacation photos are stunning.
  9. My favorite song is playing on the radio.
  10. Your brother called you an hour ago.
  11. His new job is really exciting.
  12. Her smile brightens up the room.
  13. Its tail is very bushy.
  14. Our team won the championship.
  15. Your cooking skills have improved a lot.
  16. Their garden has the prettiest roses.
  17. My laptop is running out of battery.
  18. Your sense of style is impeccable.
  19. His knowledge of history is impressive.
  20. Her new haircut looks fantastic.
  21. Its ability to climb trees is amazing.
  22. Our city has a beautiful park.
  23. Your sense of direction is really good.
  24. Their dog loves to play fetch.
  25. My car needs to be serviced.
  26. Your jokes always make me laugh.
  27. His room is always so tidy.
  28. Her piano playing is so soothing.
  29. Its fur is so soft and fluffy.
  30. Our vacation plans are really exciting.
  31. Your new phone looks really advanced.
  32. Their dance performance was breathtaking.
  33. My morning routine is very structured.
  34. Your understanding of the subject is deep.
  35. His new sneakers are very trendy.
  36. Her presentation was very persuasive.
  37. Its eyes glow in the dark.
  38. Our new office is very spacious.
  39. Your advice was really helpful.
  40. Their story was truly inspiring.
  41. My desire to travel has increased.
  42. Your work ethic is admirable.
  43. His taste in music is eclectic.
  44. Her artistic skills are remarkable.
  45. Its habit of hiding food is funny.
  46. Our neighborhood is very peaceful.
  47. Your new plant looks very healthy.
  48. Their understanding of the problem was clear.
  49. My intention is to learn Spanish.
  50. Your ability to solve puzzles is impressive.
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